Preventive Maintenance For Commercial Asphalt Parking Lots

A clean, fresh parking lot says a lot about a business. Probably more than we realize. When we approaches a business, we will often make somewhat subconscious judgements about whether a business is a ‘dump’ or not. A fresh, well-paved, and even parking lot gives the impression that a place isn’t dumpy and that their business practices may reflect how they manage the upkeep of the physical building and lot where they operate. Good pavement says that a commercial business is professional, successful, and invests time and money into making their space look welcoming. Unfortunately for everyone that owns a parking lot, asphalt deteriorates.

Asphalt, which is a mixture of sand, gravel, and bituminous pitch (tar) naturally dries up and breaks apart due to outside elements. Even the highest quality asphalt applied by a great commercial paving contractor in Glendale will eventually begin to get old and break. This is especially true in the sweltering Glendale heat, which is unavoidably damaging. However, through persistent asphalt maintenance, you can extend the life of your blacktop parking lot.

preventive maintenance commercial asphalt parking lots

Asphalt deterioration is unavoidable.

No matter how much effort you put into effective asphalt maintenance through the following tips, your asphalt parking lot will eventually need to be repaved. Because asphalt is essentially a ‘liquid’ material, numerous elements will eventually cause the material to dry up and create space pockets between the compacted foundation beneath and the asphalt layer on top. These elements include sun damage, water damage, chemical damage (such as gasoline and motor oil), poor initial application, and more. Asphalt typically, depending on numerous factors, needs to be completely repaved every decade or so, give or take. Asphalt maintenance during that time will keep your asphalt parking lot looking new and functional until the time comes to repave and can postpone when repaving is needed.

There are several types of asphalt maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is performed to extend the physical, not necessarily aesthetic, life of your business’ asphalt parking lot. This type of maintenance includes surface treatments that postpone the inevitable cracks that will form and allow drainage of water and chemicals to seep between the asphalt and compacted foundation layers. Surface treatments are done to lessen the need for more routine (and expensive) regular maintenance.

Corrective maintenance is done after your asphalt parking lot has begun to show the signs of deterioration. Corrective maintenance is done when preventative maintenance has been neglected or reached its limit of usefulness. Signs that corrective maintenance is needed soon include excessive cracking, poor friction, rutting, pothole formation, and sloughed slabs of asphalt. Corrective maintenance includes filling cracks and sealing cracks.

Emergency Maintenance is performed when your asphalt parking lot experiences serious problems that need to be fixed urgently. Damage that should be considered an emergency include excessively large potholes or blowouts that could damage vehicles. A blowout is a very extreme type of pothole where the base under and around the pothole has collapsed or fallen victim to extreme cracking. Blowouts are dangerous to cars and the foundation of your asphalt parking lot and need extensive repair to the base of the pothole and may require a large section of your parking lot to be completely reconstructed. Emergency maintenance also refers to very temporary treatments and repairs that keep an area of the asphalt pavement surface held together before corrective maintenance can be implemented.

Preventative maintenance is incredibly important and can save you a big headache and financial inconveniences when implemented early. Asphalt paving contractors like Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance can help you with asphalt maintenance and deliver excellent quality service.

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Fill those cracks!

Cracks should not be left unattended. Once cracks begin, outside elements such as drainage, rain water, gasoline, and motor oil will start to seep in and create a barrier between the asphalt and the compacted foundation underneath. This will lead to potholes and sloughing slabs of asphalt. Once cracks begin to show, they can be filled to prevent seepage from getting into that space. Cracks can be filled with asphalt mixtures and emulsions.

Consistent crackfilling will give you about two to three years of security before you will need to repave or rehabilitate your asphalt parking lot. Crackfilling is typically inexpensive in comparison to complete repavement.

Seal those cracks!

Cracksealing is an additional asphalt maintenance step that further assists the longevity of crackfilling. Cracksealing is the process of extending the width of cracks and filling them with a rubberized sealant. The extended width of the crack allows for a reservoir for the sealant to “breath” when materials swell in cold or hot climate extremes. This can extend the integrity of your asphalt pavement for up to five years.

Surface treatments.

Surface treatments can also extend the life of your asphalt parking lot. Surface treatments for asphalt pavement includes coatings of tar emulsions, special rejuvenating sealant applications, and aggregate-based sealing treatments. Of these, coatings of emulsions are the most popular surface treatments. Coatings are applied via squeegees and brushes to rejuvenate the aging asphalt pavement.

Who can help me with asphalt maintenance for my business’ parking lot?

commercial asphalt parking lotsRoadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance has been serving Glendale, Arizona for almost thirty years in the business of professional paving and asphalt maintenance. A commercial paving contractor should be held to the highest standard of professionalism, trustworthiness, and service. Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance can offer such services for when you need a parking lot that reflects the quality of your business.

Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance started from humble beginnings as a custom paving business that assisted in outside paving projects that included residential and commercial streets and parking lots. Now Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance is known for their exceptional service as a paving and asphalt contractor that can help you get the job done and get it done right. Call us today!

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