The Secret to Having the Best Parking Lot in Queen Creek

Your parking lot is much more than practical. Your parking lot is the entry way to your business. If it is unattractive or in disrepair, customers will think you take the same shoddy approach to your business practices. You’ll lose business and your reputation will suffer.

Working with the right asphalt contractor in Queen Creek who is experienced in parking lot paving can ensure that you create the right look for your business. Keeping a strong and healthy parking lot will also protect your business against liability for damaged vehicles and accidents caused by potholes or other problems with the pavement.

The Secret to Having the Best Parking Lot in Queen Creek

The Secret to Having the Best Parking Lot in Queen Creek

A good looking parking lot is not only safe, but makes you and your business look good. Here are some tips on how to have the best parking lot in town!
Queen Creek, Arizona

Here are a few things you can do to get the best parking lot in town:

Choose the Right Materials

Not all asphalt is created equal. With your business being in Queen Creek, you need an asphalt mix that withstands extremely high temperatures. Otherwise, your asphalt will crack and crumble over time.

Your local Queen Creek asphalt contractor will probably also recommend that you choose a finer graded mix of asphalt, which will create a denser surface. Not only do these mixes create a more professional and attractive look for your parking lot, but they also produce a surface that is easier to put in, easier to compact, and more durable.

Even if you don’t choose the finer graded mix, you should look for mixes that contain a design air void of only 3 percent to 4 percent.

If you have locations in your parking lot that have higher stress, such as a dumpster area or loading dock, you will need to consider a mix that includes larger aggregate and coarser grading. This mix only has to be used in the high-stress areas, and it provides more stability for the greater weight. The mix should also contain a stiffer binder for added strength. Your contractor will advise you about all the options and how they affect your results.

Ensure You Have the Right Structure

Parking lot paving may seem relatively straightforward, but a lot goes into the structure. Ensuring that you have the right structure when the parking lot is built will reduce your need for repairs later, which will save you a lot of money and hassle.

When determining the right structure for your parking lot, your asphalt contractor will consider the amount of traffic you expect to get, the overall weight of the vehicles, the strength of the subgrade, and the local environment. Your contractor will then weigh those needs against the types of mixes that are available.

Your contractor may also need to call in an expert designer to conduct a thickness design analysis. Again, doing so will save you money on repairs later for cracked or damaged asphalt. It will also help to lengthen the overall life of the pavement.

During construction, the subgrade should be well compacted to provide the right foundation for your parking lot. Areas around manholes and drainage areas should get special attention since these areas are not well supported on their own. Density tests should be performed to ensure the right level of compaction has been reached.

Build in the Right Drainage Solutions

Standing water can ruin your asphalt over time.

You may choose to invest in porous asphalt that allows water to pass through the pavement and into the soil, reducing runoff and eliminating standing water. It is especially important that you work with the right asphalt contractor if you choose porous asphalt because it requires a specialized design that includes a large, drainable substrate and the right selection of a high-void asphalt mix.

If you don’t choose porous asphalt, you need to pay special attention to the drainage features you select to ensure the longevity and health of your parking lot. You should work carefully with your contractor to choose curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and drainage systems. The parking lot should be built on the right slope, and it should be designed to minimize any areas of standing water. Interceptor drains should be included at the right locations.

Use the Right Construction Methods

The right contractor will use the right construction methods and equipment to ensure a strong asphalt layer that will last for decades to come.
In particular, your contractor should start rolling the pavement as soon as the mix is able to withstand being displaced, and that will ensure proper compaction of the mix. Your contractor should ensure the pavement is rolled until it is compacted to about 94 percent of its maximum density, and no roller marks should be left behind. Hand working should be minimized.

Your contractor should pay special attention to the strength of the joints, as any weakness can lead to early failure of the pavement. The construction and compaction of longitudinal joints should be given special care.

The pavement should have no unsupported edges, as cracks will develop here first thanks to the horizontal stress exerted by the traffic. Soil or aggregate can be compacted against the edge of the asphalt to provide the right support, or you can built curbs or sidewalks there.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Proper maintenance will be required to extend the life of your parking lot.

Repair any cracks that form as soon as possible, even if they are minor. Smaller cracks can be easily remedied, but larger cracks will require extensive (and expensive) repair. Cracks can also let motor oil and other debris to seep into the asphalt, causing more extensive damage. Regular parking lot striping will keep your lot looking nice and make it safer for everyone.

Invest in regular sealing to waterproof the pavement and renew its appearance. Cracks can be filled before sealing to provide more protection.

Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance can provide the expert parking lot paving and maintenance that you need to create a professional look for your business. We build parking lots right the first time so that they have a long life span and require minimal maintenance and repair over the years. We’ve been getting results for Queen Creek businesses for more than 30 years, and we’re ready to help you get the beautiful parking lot you need. Call us today.

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