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Glendale is a well-know city in Arizona, not far from Phoenix. Aside from the beautiful desert countryside and oodles of sunshine, it is known as the home of the NFL team the Arizona Cardinals as well as the NHL team, the Arizona Coyotes who play at the University of Phoenix Stadium and the Gila River Arena. While Glendale is a fun and active city, it is also the self-proclaimed antique capital of Arizona. And indeed, you can find many fun and funky antique shops in Glendale’s beautiful downtown district, which makes it a popular hangout for both residents and visitors alike.

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There are many other recreational activities you can pursue in and around Glendale. Maybe you enjoy golfing or hiking, dirt biking or any other of the fun things you could do in the Glendale area. But how fun would it be if you’d have to get there on shoddy, beat up roads? Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance has been providing stellar asphalt and paving services to Glendale residents, business owners and municipalities for many years. Regardless if you need assistance with a private, residential project or if your antique shop parking lot is in need of a makeover, our Glendale asphalt contractors can help.

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Are you noticing the appearance of more and more cracks in your pavement? Do you feel that your pavement is aging and deteriorating faster than it should? Once you discover any of these signs indicative of asphalt failure, you should contact our local Glendale paving contractor. He can assess the extent of the damage and device a strategy for strengthening your pavement or lot. While there are many different asphalt companies in the Glendale area, it is essential that you find the one that is right for your job and who performs top quality work. By hiring a company such as Roadrunner Paving, you know you are working with the best in their field. Not only have we been in business for decades, but we also encourage you to check us out.

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Glendale Parking Lot Paving Services

The state of your Glendale parking lot matters. For one, it is the calling card of your business. A beat-up looking parking lot gives off the impression that you do not take pride in your business or care about your clientele. A good looking parking lot is inviting and improves your business. How can we help you to improve your Glendale parking lot? If you are dealing with cracks, potholes or areas of ponding water, we can assess the issue and repair the lot as needed. Additionally, we can also fix cracks in steps, curbs, replace bumpers and more. Parking lot striping should be renewed every few years to ensure it stays crisp and is easy for your clients to spot. A well-maintained Glendale parking lot is a safe parking lot. Your Glendale asphalt contractor, Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance can help!

Commercial Services in Glendale

Once your walkway, sidewalks, parking lot or road is showing signs of stress and deterioration, it will only get worse. Pavement does not fix itself. Cracks allow water to seep into the asphalt and the substrate where it can expand and/or weaken the pavement from below causing it to shift, crumble or collapse. What you end up with is gaps, unsafe road conditions or even potholes. Depending on the type of pavement damage you are dealing with on your commercial Glendale parking lot, we can help you to repair cracks and problem areas, put a layer on it to extend the lifespan of your asphalt or remove and replace the entire lot. No matter which service your pavement will need, by hiring an experienced Glendale paving contractor you ensure that your get quality paving and asphalt services at great rates.

When you are in need of commercial or residential paving or asphalt maintenance services in Glendale and surrounding communities, you call the experts with Roadrunner Paving. We are proud of the quality work we provide and do everything to complete our jobs on time, because we understand how inconvenient a paving crew on your sidewalk or parking lot can be and how much it can impact your business.

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From seal coating, bumper placement, signage placing, repair of cracks and potholes to parking lot striping, we can help. Contact the team with Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance today to learn more about our Glendale paving and asphalt services and to get a


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