Expert Tips to Make Your New Chandler Driveway Last

Expert Tips to Make Your New Chandler Driveway Last.

Expert Tips to Make Your New Chandler Driveway Last.

Here are some expert tips on how to get the most out of your new driveway!
Chandler, Arizona

So our crew came, put in your new driveway, then packed up and went home and all you left with is your brand new driveway leading invitingly up to your home. Having your Chandler driveway paved can be a substantial investment and if cared for properly last you for many years with only minimal maintenance. Here are some helpful tips from our Chandler asphalt contractors on how to get the most out of your new pave job:


…to drive on your new driveway. Depending on the mix your contractors used this could be anywhere from a day to a week. Fact is, if you drive on your new driveway too soon, you can ruin it. Even if it looks hard enough to you, the weight of a car or truck might be too substantial for your new asphalt surface.

Weed Prevention

Weeds grow everywhere. Next to asphalt, under asphalt and sometimes right through the pavement. You can use weed killer in the area around the driveway or pull the weeds by hand. Whichever method you prefer, it will help your pavement to stay strong and look great.

Keep it Clean

While dirt is sometimes hard to spot on driveways, branches, gravel, rocks and other debris can compromise the health of your asphalt, especially if you own a big car or heavy truck. Sweep your driveway or hose it off once in awhile to keep it free of debris and also give you a chance to examine it for any potential issues.

Car Repair

Chandler Driveway Paving

Don’t change your oil or transmission fluid in your driveway. Nobody does it accurately enough to prevent splatter which will not only cause unsightly stains but chemicals are bad for the asphalt.

Park Your Car

…in a different spot at times, if you can. Even though asphalt can take a lot, continued exposure to heavy weight in the same spot can cause stress fractures such as alligatoring or depressions and not only will they make your driveway look unsightly but can create safety risks as well.

Sharp Objects

Keep sharp objects away from your new pavement. Motorcycle kickstand, yard tools, trailers are all possibly hazardous to your new pavement.

Your new driveway will bring you years of joy if you follow these simple steps.

Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance is always available to give you more maintenance tips or to execute residential asphalt repairs on your Chandler driveway. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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