Spring Into Action: Your Pro-Active Glendale Spring Pavement Checklist

While winter in Arizona is less harsh than in other regions of the country, it still has everybody looking forward to spring, sunny days, and warm temperatures. Traditionally, many homeowners start of the spring season by giving their home a thorough spring cleaning. But when was the last time you gave your pavement some TLC? If your parking lot, driveway or other paved area has been covered under fallen leaves for most of the winter, now is the time to swipe them away and to assess the current condition of your asphalt and -if need be- get it ready for all those summer parties!

Spring Into Action: Your Pro-Active Glendale Spring Pavement Checklist

Spring Into Action: Your Pro-Active Glendale Spring Pavement Checklist.

Here Is the Ultimate Pro-Active Spring Pavement Checklist!
Glendale, Arizona

Scrub It!

While you may be well familiar with cleaning the floors inside your home and business, it is a great idea to clean your asphalt parking lot, once in awhile as well. Now that winter is long gone, take a broom, or sweeper (depending on the size of your lot) and free your lot from loose debris and leaves. It is always nice to hose it off with some water too. This can help to flush away small particles and dust that you cannot brush off or detect by sight.

Aside from looking much better, a clean parking lot is much easier to inspect. Dirt and leaves can easily cover up any weak spots and areas that need repair. To get the best picture, clean your lot and then move on to the other points.

Repair it!

Once you have evaluated your Glendale parking lot for cracks, potholes and other visible damages you can get started on fixing them to prevent them from becoming bigger, dangerous, and costly liability issues.

If you are only dealing with small cracks, crevices and minor potholes, you may be able to execute the asphalt repairs on your own. If you observe bigger issues, working with an experienced Glendale paving contractor may be the way to go. In any case, repairing failing asphalt has a number of benefits:

  • It prevents problems from becoming worse. Cracks allow water to seep into the asphalt and the substrate, where it weakens the structure from underneath. Have cracks fixed as soon as possible. Continued traffic puts continued stress on the now poorly supported asphalt, and the structure collapses resulting in a pothole. Potholes are not only unsightly but dangerous.
  • Asphalt problems are dangerous. If you have potholes or significant cracks and other areas of deterioration in your parking lot, you are making yourself vulnerable to lawsuits in case of a fall, accident or injury. Having to pay up for personal injury damages or damages to a vehicle is way more expensive than having that pothole fixed.
  • It looks bad. As a business owners, you want your business to be presented as good as possible. Potholes and a poorly maintained parking lot makes you look as if you don’t care about your business and your clientele.

Paint it!

The best Glendale parking lots are those that have clear lines, paint and striping. This does not only make them look sharp but also much safer for every traffic participants. It is essential for your clients to know where they can park, where they can safely cross on foot, where the handicapped spots are and so on.

Some important areas to inspect after the winter are speed bumps, loading and unloading zones, entrances, curbs, and tire stops. Your local asphalt and paving company can assist you in finding the right paint to touch up all your parking lot striping and pain.

Fresh paint makes your pavement look great and improves the flow of traffic immensely.

Recoat it!

Glendale Parking Lot
It is no secret that Arizona is hot, very hot. And just like the sun can burn your face, it can burn your pavement. This is why we sealcoat parking lots. A sealcoating will protect the asphalt from drying out, and help it to retain its binder.

Without proper sealcoating, your asphalt will turn grey, dry, brittle, lose its elasticity and eventually start cracking and those cracks can turn into potholes. By recoating your asphalt every few years, you can counteract these negative effects and ensure that your parking lot is able to max out its intended lifespan.

Think of it this way- a sealcoat gives your parking lot, driveway, road or any other paved area the sun protection it needs to withstand the hot Arizona summers. A little investment goes a long way. Spring is the perfect time for sealcoating and it will make your pavement look better immediately.

Keep at it!

And while you are at it, consider cleaning and fixing parking lot “accessories” as well. For example, are your signs still legible? Or are they covered in bird poop or faded from the sun? How about you tire stops and curbs? Are they loose, cracked or hard to detect?

In order to keep your asphalt lot in shape, you need to take care of all its aspects. Drains are very important as well. We have already determined that water damage can be disastrous for your parking lot. Clean clogged drains or fix them if they need repair to avoid areas of ponding or standing water.

If you need some helpful pointers and someone to assist you in inspecting your pavement in Glendale for deterioration and structural issues, the team with Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance can help. We have been providing top paving services to Glendale and beyond for more than three decades. Additionally, we can assist you with parking lot striping, seal coating, resurfacing and more. Contact us today to learn more about our asphalt and paving services or to get a free quote.

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