How to Know When You Need an Asphalt Quick Fix or Asphalt Replacement

Your asphalt pavement is prone to all kinds of maladies, such as cracks, holes, bulges, and more. Some of these things can be fixed with a simple procedure such as filling the crack or patching the hole, but other problems are indicative of more serious structural issues. You won’t be able to just repair the asphalt and go about business as usual; you’ll need to hire an asphalt contractor to replace the paving.

How to Know When You Need an Asphalt Quick Fix or Asphalt Replacement

Before you start having anxiety attacks over the price tag associated with new asphalt paving, you should first contact a contractor to see if you can get away with some simple asphalt repair in Phoenix first. Here are a few things you and your contractor will need to keep in mind when deciding between asphalt repair or new pavement:


In an ideal world, you will have a big enough budget to cover whatever work is required, whether it be extensive repair or all new paving. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live in that world. Most of us have serious financial constraints when it comes to making costly repairs or big purchases.

Your asphalt contractor in Phoenix may tell you that you really need new pavement, but if you don’t have the budget to cover it, you may be able to get away with some repairs that give you a few more months or years of life out of the asphalt.

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Severity of Damage

In some cases, you may have no other choice but to invest in new asphalt paving. If the damage is too big or too severe, you won’t be able to repair it without compromising the structural integrity of the pavement. The cost of repairing the pavement may be more than replacing it if the damage is too large or too severe.

You’ll need to work with a contractor to assess the damage. Typically, any hole or crack bigger than a quarter inch is going to indicate that there is already extensive damage to the pavement. However, the contractor will be able to tell you wat you’re up against and give you some options and costs.

Age of the Pavement

age of pavement getting renewedWhen your car reaches a certain age, you know that it’s not worth repairing it since you won’t get many more miles out of it anyway. The same is true for your pavement. If it is already near the end of its lifespan, it’s not really smart to repair it.

Not only does aging pavement not have enough life left to make repairs worth it, but it is likely also too brittle to accept the repairs. The substrate will be compromised, leading to new damage in no time.


If you have heavy traffic on your parking lot or pavement, you may not be able to get by with a repair job. A simple patch, for example, cannot withstand the pressure that excess traffic will put on it. Therefore, you will have to make another repair very quickly, or your pavement will suffer more extensive damage.

If you’re ok with making several repairs back to back, a patch may be ok. Just know that you’ll save money in the short term, but you’ll end up paying a lot more in the long term.

heavy traffic parking lot renewedPart of your decision to repair or replace will come down to your budget and your own tolerance for making repairs and keeping up with the maintenance. But you won’t be able to make your decision alone; you’ll need to work with a Phoenix asphalt contractor who can help you understand the condition of your pavement and the long-term risks of repairing instead of replacing. Only your contractor can help you understand what your pavement really needs. You can then decide how you want to act on that information.

Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance can help you understand what your pavement needs in Arizona. Our experienced contractors will assess your parking lot or pavement and let you know whether a simple asphalt repair job will get it back in great shape. We perform all types of asphalt repair, such as crack filling and patching, and we provide sealcoating to help protect your asphalt against further corrosion or damage. Should you need new asphalt paving, we offer that also. Our contractors help residential and commercial customers throughout Arizona. Call us today to get an estimate for your job or to get more information.

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