See Ya Later Alligator! What Happened to My Gilbert Parking Lot?

See Ya Later Alligator! What Happened to My Gilbert Parking Lot?

See Ya Later Alligator! What Happened to My Gilbert Parking Lot?

Here are some reasons why your parking lot may start looking like an alligator!
Gilbert, Arizona

With proper asphalt maintenance from your Gilbert asphalt contractor, your parking lot will look as smooth as an lizard’s backside. Yet with time and neglect, your pavement could soon start looking like another reptile — and one that’s not as pretty: An alligator.

When asphalt starts to break down, forming cracks that intersect in a loosely geometric pattern, it is referred to as “alligator cracking.” The pavement takes on the look of an alligator’s hide. Not only is this an aesthetic issue, but it is also a structural one. Actually, it’s the structural issues that can cause the problem or make it worse.

Cracks can form in the asphalt over time as a result of aging or being subject to wear and tear. The extreme heat and monsoons in Arizona can take a toll on pavement, causing these cracks to form. If you don’t take care of cracks right away with pavement patching or another solution, water can seep into the cracks and break down the asphalt’s foundation.

Once the foundation breaks down, for whatever reason, it can cause more alligator cracking. The area of damaged pavement will grow over time, creating a vicious cycle that makes the foundation even weaker and keeping the loop going. The only way to repair alligator cracking is to completely remove that section of pavement, repair the foundation, and replace the asphalt.

Paving patching is no longer an option once the parking lot has shown signs of alligator cracking. Water has also seeped into the substrate and damaged the foundation. Patching the cracks would make the pavement look nicer, but the foundation would still be weak and unstable. Over time, the cracks would appear again and more problems would form.

Before you have to spend thousands of dollars replacing pavement that has been damaged by alligator cracking, make sure you stick to a proper asphalt maintenance schedule. Take care of problems as soon as they form. Options include the filling of small cracks and holes or asphalt overlay to put a new layer on the pavement. Both of these options can make the pavement look as good as new and provide a layer of protection against further damage. Yet neither of them can be employed if the pavement structure has already been compromised.
Gilbert Parking Lot Maintenance
Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance provides complete asphalt maintenance for all types and sizes of parking lots. We perform paving, patching and repairs of minor issues, as well as crack filling. We also perform seal coating to keep the asphalt strong and prevent future damage. In addition to our maintenance services, we also perform striping to keep your pavement looking brand new. Whether you need to have a new parking lot installed or you need to repair the one you have, we can help. Our services will help you present a professional image to your clients and save money on costly asphalt repairs. Call us today to learn more about our paving services and how we can help you.

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