5 Tips When Repairing The Asphalt In Your Parking Lot

One of the many benefits of asphalt paving is that it is relatively easier to maintain and repair, and with adequate attention, it has a life span between one to two decades. But you actually have to keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule if you want to keep your costs down. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at costly repairs and a shortened life span.

tips to repair asphalt in your parking lot

If you do notice damage starting to appear on your parking lot, you’ll need to take steps to prevent further damage. You may be able to wait and see, or you may need to call an asphalt contractor in Scottsdale for immediate repair. Here are a few tips for handling your parking lot repair:

Be Proactive with Prevention

The first step to dealing with repairs is trying to prevent them. Many of the minor asphalt repairs that your parking lot is likely to need can be prevented with proper maintenance.

Regular seal coating will protect your asphalt from moisture penetrating the surface and causing minor cracks that can allow in even more moisture and other elements that can damage the substrate. Once this occurs, you’ll be looking at the need for major repairs and even replacement of the asphalt. Keep up with your maintenance and seal minor cracks when they form. Don’t wait for more expensive damage to occur.

Add a New Overlay

When damage becomes extensive, your asphalt contractor may recommend new paving. It’s kind of like when you get into a car accident and the damage is so expensive that you would be better off buying a new car than making the repairs.

However, investing in new parking lot repair may not be necessary. You may be able to add an asphalt overlay or fabric overlay to the pavement instead. Think of this like reseeding your lawn rather than tearing up the grass and putting down new sod. You are adding a new layer of asphalt to the top of the pavement to give it a fresh look and stabilize the surface.

This option may not be available if you have serious structural issues. Talk to your asphalt contractor about what’s possible.

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Mind Your Edges

A lot of parking lot repair issues can occur around the edges of the lot, where it connects with features such as the curb or parking space bumpers. Pay attention to what’s happening around sidewalks, gutters, and other edges, and make repairs as soon as problems arise. Cracks around these edges will allow in water that can cause extensive damage and cost you a lot in repairs. Milling and wedging are common repairs for these issues.

Invest in Removal and Replacement

Sometimes, the damage is just too pervasive to try to repair it. Instead, you will need to consider removal and replacement for a new parking lot. Parking lot repair tends to focus on filling holes, kind of lack spackling a nail hole or crack in the wall. Removal and replacement is more like patching a giant hole in the wall.

With removal and replacement, the damaged area of your parking lot is broken up and removed and a new section of asphalt is paved. The process can go down to the subgrade if the damage has spread that far, ensuring that you have a structurally sound parking lot that will stand the test of time and not just a cosmetic repair.

Don’t Forget Cosmetic Touches

Parking lot repair doesn’t have to involve filling cracks or mending structural issues. It can also include fixing cosmetic issues, such as fading paint lines and crumbling medians. Not only are these issues important for maintaining the curb appeal of your business, but they can also contribute to safety issue. For example, if the paint lines are not clear for your lanes or parking spaces, you could have accidents.

parking lot repairConsider adding elements that are missing, as well, such as speed bumps, cross walks, and even bike lanes.

Committing to asphalt maintenance and prompt repair will help you save a lot of money in the long run and protect the life of your asphalt. It will also help you to create the look you want for your property to impress clients or customers.

Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance can help you with all your parking lot repair and maintenance needs in Arizona. An experienced asphalt contractor from our time can create a maintenance plan for your parking lot or can give you an estimate for repairs that are needed now to make your parking lot stable. Call us today to get an estimate for your asphalt parking lot.

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