Give Your Parking Lot a Well-Deserved Facelift

You might think of your parking lot as little more than a functional space. It’s where cars park and not much else … right?

Actually, your parking lot is one of the first things that your customers see, and it is critical that you make the right first impression. If you haven’t been keeping up with your paving and asphalt maintenance, the parking lot may be full of cracks, bumps and even potholes. When the Arizona sun is beating down on the pavement in the summer, those problems will spread even more quickly.

If customers see that your parking lot is alligatoring or looks like a glorified gravel lot, they are going to think that you don’t put much effort into creating your products or services either. You’ll lose a lot of sales, and you’ll hurt your business in the long term.

Give Your Parking Lot a Well-Deserved Facelift

If your parking lot paving needs a little freshening up, take care of it sooner rather than later. Here are a few things you can do to give your parking lot a well-deserved facelift:

Fill and Repair Cracks

No one is going to notice a crack or two here and there. Cracks just happen over time. However, even a few cracks can turn into major cracks if you don’t tend to them. Rain, salt and debris can seep into the cracks and weaken the pavement, causing more extensive problems.

Get cracks filled and repaired quickly. You’ll not only make the pavement look better, but you’ll also protect it from further damage that could cost you a lot more money to repair.

Have It Seal Coated

Seal coating fills in surface cracks and creates a polished and professional appearance to it. Seal coating gives a parking lot that “just paved” look.

Perhaps more importantly, seal coating helps to protect your parking lot from damage from traffic, rain, and other elements. You should seal coat your parking lot every two to three years for maximum protection. In doing so, you’ll keep your parking lot looking great and you’ll save yourself on future repair bills.

Introduction to Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance

Clean Oil Stains

Oil stains make pavement look old and unkempt. Yet you cannot prevent oil stains from occurring. You can only clean them up after they happen.
You don’t need to clean up every oil stain as it happens, but you should make a schedule for your paving and asphalt maintenance that includes oil cleanup. You should aim to clean oil stains at least once a quarter.

Sweep Regularly

Tree leaves, grass clippings, dirt and other debris can all build up in your parking lot. Allowing it to remain is a sure way to make your parking lot look neglected. You don’t want people to think that your parking lot is abandoned — you want them to think that it’s cared for as well as you care for your business inside.

Dirt and other debris buildup can also block drains, which can allow water to build up and damage your asphalt.

Hire a company to sweep your pavement regularly to keep it spotless. In between sweeps, make sure you pick up any trash or litter. Either ask your cleaning company to do it, or make it a job for your janitor.

Repaint the Lines

Parking Lot Overlay Done By Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt MaintenanceThe painted lines on your parking lot are likely to wear down before your asphalt does. Not only does this make your parking lot look bad, but it also creates a safety hazard. People can park where there isn’t a true space, and that may end up blocking traffic. Some drivers may clip cars that are parked where they don’t expect them to be.

Touching up the lines is one of the easiest paving and asphalt maintenance jobs you can order, so don’t put it off. It’s an easy way to keep your parking lot looking great, and it costs far less than repairing asphalt damage.

Improve Lighting

Good lighting makes all the difference to the ambiance of any setting. Good lighting can make your parking lot look more inviting and professional, which creates the same aura for your business. Plus, good lighting ensures that your parking lot is a safe space, and it reduces your liability in case of an accident or theft.

If you don’t currently have a lighting system, install one. If your current lighting system is weak, upgrade it. You might also consider adding a security system with the lighting to keep your business and your customers safer.

Provide Handicap Accessibility

All businesses should provide accommodations for customers with disabilities. It’s just good business sense. If you don’t have handicap spaces and accessibility like ramps in your parking lot, you will alienate many customers and may even be subject to a lawsuit.

Designate at least two handicap spaces if your parking lot holds 25, and add another for each additional 25 spaces. Those spaces should be right up front and close to your ramp — which you should also have. If you don’t have stairs, just make sure that there is no curb between your handicap spaces and the door. If there is, you should have an area of the curb cut out so that the parking lot bleeds right into the sidewalk and provides no impediment for wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

Your parking lot is much more than a functional space. You need to treat it like the welcoming mat for your business that it is.

Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance in Mesa Arizona provides everything from the initial parking lot paving to the ongoing maintenance that you need to create a professional look for your business. Our Phoenix paving contractors perform both small and large jobs, including both residential and commercial jobs. We can set up a maintenance plan for you to ensure that small repairs are fixed quickly and more extensive damage is minimized. You’ll save money and create a more professional look for your customers, which will improve your customer relations and your sales.

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