The Importance of Paint Striping Your Parking Lot

If you have a commercial business in Arizona and need help understanding the importance of paint striping your parking lot, there are plenty of resources you can utilize to find out the rules and regulations for your lot. In Arizona, there are many guidelines that dictate what size lot you are able to have, variations in parking lot striping, and even the material you pave the lot with. Make sure you get all of the facts and have your lot up to code so you don’t have to make extra and costly corrections to your parking lot. Here are the important details you need to know about paint striping your parking lot.

the importance of paint striping your parking lot

Getting the quality parking lot paving services you need in Arizona will make your lot smooth and safe for people to drive and park on. Getting your lot up to code is extremely important. If you don’t have the proper lines painted and the proper organization in place for your lot, then it will be impossible to have a parking lot that meets the state of Arizona’s standards. Organization is key to any good parking lot. If the lot is confusing, then patrons and customers will be less inclined to visit your commercial business. Keeping the paint striping neat and well collected will appeal to everyone, especially the state. Not only will the state be pleased with the organization of clean, defined lines, but so will your customers, employees, and fellow business owners.

In addition to organization, having good paint striping in your lot will enhance the appeal of your business and your parking lot as a whole. If you are re-paving your Queen Creek parking lot, this is great because brand new, dark asphalt is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can even appeal to our other senses. Without the paint striping, however, it’s just a mess of blank concrete with no definition and now shape. Having effective and clean paint striping in your lot will look great and help keep your lot as organized and beautiful as possible. With brand new asphalt and brand new striping in the lot, the curb appeal of your parking lot will skyrocket.

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Probably the most important thing about paint striping in your parking lot is keeping it up to code. Making the state happy is ideal when you are paving or re-paving. There are plenty of regulations that you need to follow in order for them to approve. First and foremost, you need to have the proper width and length of parking spaces per square foot to make sure that the spaces are the appropriate size for the lot you are on. This goes for compact spaces as well, and they can make or break your parking lot. You also need to make sure that the correct amount of spaces have ADA compliant markings on them. This included handicapped accessible spaces for patrons of the same description. You will also need to have curb markings for fire lanes, which can sometimes be overlooked. Other parking lot striping regulations include arrows to indicate which direction the flow of traffic is to travel, and pedestrian crosswalk markings to make sure that people comply with those as well.

fresh paint striping in queen creek parking lotThere are many regulations that you need to follow, and some may be forgotten along the way. Sometimes you will also need no parking zones painted on your asphalt and indications of no loading zones. Some regulations may not be so obvious and can also come in the form of signs. This can include speed limit indications, and stop or yield signs, as well as cross traffic signs. Although these can be mounted as signs, they can also be painted on the asphalt to make sure that you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your parking lot.

If you are in the need of beautiful, organized, and clean parking lot striping services, there is no better place in Arizona than Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance. Making sure that your lot is beautiful and up to code is our first priority. Get the detailed and affordable parking lot striping services you need with Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance. For more information about the importances of paint striping in your parking lot, contact us today to speak with a professional asphalt contractor in Queen Creek!

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