How to Protect Your parking Lot From the Arizona Sun

Most of the time, we don’t really think about how much damage can be done to the asphalt from the sun. We think more about physical factors like impacts that cause cracks and potholes that are annoying and bothersome while we’re driving. But just like our skin and the paint of our cars and homes, the sun can actually burn the asphalt of your parking lot. With our skin, it’s painful and uncomfortable, and it fades the paint of our home and deteriorates the paint of our cars. But what does the sun actually do to “burn” your asphalt?

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Most asphalt is black, and this is a color that is prone to absorbing the heat of the sun much like a black shirt would or a black car. A lot of people in Chandler, Arizona opt to have lighter colored cars to avoid the eventual absorption of heat of the sun. We know all too well how hot it can get without the extra heat. The fact that there is over two million miles of asphalt roads in the United States alone is extraordinary. And half of it is deteriorating due to weather conditions, motor vehicle accidents, oil from cars, and mostly by the sun. This is the main concern in Chandler, because the sun is shining proudly for over three hundred days a year, and it can badly damage the asphalt in your parking lot.

The asphalt in your parking lot can reach up to 172 degrees on any given day. This can contribute to major repairs that will need to be done and repairing asphalt is no cheap expenditure. So to protect your parking lot, it needs a sort of sunscreen, also known as asphalt sealant. On our blistering summer days, using a seal on your asphalt is the only way to keep from doling out huge amounts of money on expensive repairs. As soon as new asphalt pavement has gone through one summer season, a sealant should be applied to give the pavement extra life and make sure it lasts under the debilitating effects of the sun.

Nothing is worse for your business than the cracked and ragged appearance of your parking lot. It doesn’t give a very good first impression and you should take extra care when choosing a location for your commercial business. Luckily, there are many different types of seals you can apply to your asphalt that will give it the long lasting life it deserves, and will protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. an experienced professional can help you decide which seal is right for your commercial business parking lot.

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The first kind of seal is a Seal Coat using MasterSeal MTR. This has anti-oxidation additives to help provide protection against mother nature and all of her elements. This seal preserves and fights off aging of your asphalt to make it look brand new for years to come. Nothing is worse than a cracked, decrepit looking parking lot that drives away business. Use the Seal Coat to protect your parking lot from the passage of time and your business will thrive.

The next step up from the MasterSeal MTR is the MasterSeal PMM (Polymer Modified MasterSeal). This takes the next step and adds high polymer and asphalt residual content. Its aggregate mixture is also a higher quality so you get more asphalt protection for your money.

The Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer (TRMSS) is another high quality asphalt sealant you can get but is most commonly used in roadway applications and applied with a computer rate controlled spreader truck. With the TRMSS, you get extra surface protection and an extended life for your asphalt as it protects the pavement from such things as weather, traffic, and especially the sun. This sealant has special chemicals to also roadrunner parking lotprevent oxidation and secures in the loose aggregates, giving your asphalt a full and healthy life. However,

For expert advice and paving services, come to Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance. Our experienced Chandler paving contractors are here to help you choose and apply the best sealant for your commercial business parking lot, or residential street. Our services don’t stop there! We also repair and maintain everything from highways to main roads and parking lots. So come to Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance, and we will transform your decrepit, cracked parking lot into a smooth wonderland. Call us today!

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