State of Arizona Requirements for Parking Lots

The state of Arizona has many parking lot requirements. When contracting a road paving service, there are many things you will want to consider before choosing someone. You will want to make sure that you have all of the legal requirements for your retail, restaurant, or residential parking lot. If you don’t have the basic specifications fulfilled, this could mean the end of your project. You will also want a company who knows the legal specifications and completes them to the best of their ability.

parking lot requirments in arizona

The first thing you will need in order to move forward with your project is a design plan approval. Having this will let you continue on with your parking lot and business. You will need to have a parking lot design drawn up and have all of the necessary legal specifications outlined so that your design plan can be approved. Once this is approved, it will allow you to obtain the mandatory permits so that your parking lot can come to fruition.

One of the major requirements that must be outlined in your parking lot plan is the parking design. This seems to be confusing, but it’s actually quite simple. The parking design refers to the kind of parking that will be in your parking lot. This could mean parallel, which is not particularly common in Phoenix, Arizona as there is plenty of room for normal parking spaces. Most commonly is the 90 degree parking design. The 26 foot aisles allow for the utilization of the space available and is easy to navigate and maneuver for you and your customers. Another common type of parking lot design is the angle parking design. This is used where space is limited and can provide directional control for traffic. But entrances and exits must be marked clearly with either “in” or “out”. This is a huge consideration you must take when choosing a parking lot design for your business.

Parking space size is another factor to consider. Normal 90 degree spaces are required to be 9.5 feet wide and 19 feet deep in retail, commercial areas. For multi-family, residential, and industrial office, spaces are only required to be 8.5 feet wide and 18 feet deep. Knowing these specifications will help you determine the dimensions of your parking lot. If you have an excess of space that does not provide for additional standard parking spaces, compact parking spaces with dimensions of 8 feet by 16 feet may be used.

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Accessible spaces (handicapped) are a legal requirement for your parking lot as well. Their dimensions are also specified to be 11 feet wide and 18 feet deep with an additional 5 foot access aisle on the right side of the vehicle. Ramps should also be absent from these spaces, and an accessible walkway should not be located behind more than one parked vehicle. Handicapped accessible spaces should also have a sign or symbol indicating such. If all of these requirements are addressed, the plans for your parking lot should be approved.

Dust free paving is a major requirement of a new parking lot. This typically means asphalt or cement lots instead of dirt. This is important to know because decomposed granite is not considered a dust free surface, so when choosing your paving material, make sure to get the right kind in order to meet the specifications of Phoenix parking lot laws.

Six inch high curving is also required around all parking and maneuvering areas to prevent traffic circulation beyond your property lines. Safety curves are not recommended inside of the parking lot due to pedestrian safety and trash accumulation. This will keep your parking lot safe and free from hazard for you and all of your customers and tenants. This includes visibility triangles that should be placed at all driveway entrances and exits and intersecting streets.arizona reqirements for parking lots In these areas, nothing that exceeds 36 inches should be placed here. This includes trees, walls, and signs, and you should also make sure to include these on the site plans for approval or disapproval.

There are plenty of different requirements that are necessary for your future parking lot. Making sure to have everything up to date and following the legal specifications should be your top priority when figuring out the plan and layout of your parking lot. So if you are looking for the right paving and asphalt contractor in Phoenix to get your parking lot up to code, come to Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance. We have the experience you need in order to perform an effortless and beautiful paving job for your parking lot. We will follow and plan out the legal specifications for your lot and make sure that everything is done properly and in a time efficient manner. So for all of your paving needs, come to Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance. Contact us today!

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