Things You Should Keep Away from Your Parking Lot

If you’ve ever walked through any parking lot, you’ve probably seen plenty of oil spills, trash and other gunk all over the asphalt. You might think that this debris just comes with the territory: Where you’ve got plenty of vehicles and people coming in and out each day, you may think that it’s inevitable to see this type of build up.
In reality, a lot of the debris you see in most parking lots is very bad for the asphalt. If you want to keep your own parking lot in great shape and extend its life, you’ll take steps to keep these items away from it:

things you should keep away from your parking lot

Corrosive Substances

Corrosive substances include all those things that can come dripping out of a car: Oil, gas, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and other fluids. These substances can sit on your asphalt and corrode it over time. The substances can break down the aggregate and cause cracks, crumbles and depressions.

You can’t keep these substances off your asphalt unless you keep vehicles off your asphalt — in which case you no longer have a parking lot. However, you can keep these substances from destroying your parking lot by maintaining the seal coating on the asphalt. You can also prevent the substances from breaking through the seal coating by regularly cleaning your parking lot. Routinely check for spills, and schedule a regular professional cleaning.


Even simple water can break down your asphalt over time and cause it to crumble. All you have to do is look at the Grand Canyon or other natural rock formations to know the power that water can have over time.

Every summer, Arizona is hammered by powerful monsoons that will flood your parking lot with water. If your lot has formed depressions or does not have proper drainage, this water will sit on the surface and wear down the structure. The best way to prevent this is to hire a reputable and experienced asphalt contractor who can properly install the parking lot in Chandler with the right grading and drainage.

It is also important that you keep up with maintenance to fill cracks and repair potholes, ensuring that even small amounts of water do not reach the sub-base. If water penetrates the sub-base, you will be looking at major repairs or even replacement of the whole parking lot.

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Heavy Vehicles

Your asphalt parking lot paving will be conducted in such a way that it will support most passenger vehicles, such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. However, it is not made for excessively heavy vehicles like delivery trucks or busses — unless you cater to that clientele and invest in a parking lot specifically designed for those vehicles.

You should consider putting up signage that heavy vehicles are not allowed in the lot. Include specific weight limits or bans on certain types of vehicles.

Excessive Sunlight

Keeping excessive sunlight off your asphalt in Arizona may seem like trying to keep an ice cube in a sauna. However, it is important that you take measures to do so, such as by putting up shade awnings where you can, planting large shade trees, and keeping the surface sealed for protection. Otherwise, the sun will slowly oxidize the asphalt over time and which its flexibility. well kept parking lot in chandlerCracks will appear, as well as other, more serious damage.

If you can afford it, you should consider covering your parking lot completely. Arizona’s climate is very harsh, and it is sunny year-round. If not, just stick to your maintenance. Seal coating is essentially like sun block for your asphalt.

Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance in Arizona is an experienced asphalt contractor in Chandler and can perform quality parking lot paving, as well as provide the maintenance needed to extend its life span. We offer seal coating, crack repair, striping and other maintenance and repair for your asphalt parking lot or other paved areas. We can help you understand how to care for your asphalt to get more out of it and to save a lot of money. Call us today in Arizona to learn more about your asphalt paving options for your residential or commercial property or to get a free estimate.

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