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Phoenix was an agricultural settlement in 1867, but grew steadily until it was incorporated as a city in 1881. After that nothing could stop its growth and expansion-and today it is among the ten most populous cities in the United States. Construction started to boom after WWII and skyscrapers, homes, and roads started to mushroom. Today Phoenix experienced the daily hustle and bustle of a Metropolis while people from all over the world flock to Phoenix to visit, vacation or work.

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Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance 5 Star Customer Reviews Rating

This traffic puts an enormous amount of stress on Phoenix roads and parking lots causing them to crack, break down and become unsafe. Private citizens as well as business owners and government agencies find themselves in need of top asphalt maintenance and paving services to remedy the shortcomings of their failing pavement. Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance is your trusted asphalt contractor in the greater Phoenix Metro area. We have been providing top quality asphalt and paving services to Phoenix for many years.

Experienced Phoenix Paving Contractors

In a city as big and busy as Phoenix, you want to make sure your paving crew knows what they are doing. Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance has been in business for more than 30 years and for good reason. We offer premium asphalt, paving and striping services to businesses, residents, churches, schools and other government agencies. Our work stands the test of time and it has to. Daily traffic in an area as hot as Phoenix puts a toll on roads and walkways and because we are locally owned and operated, we understand the effects of the sun on roads and patios. If you are looking for a paving contractor with experience, great reviews and great rates, contact Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance today for a free on-site quote.

Phoenix Parking Lot Paving Services

How often do you look at your Phoenix parking lot-really look at it? Probably not as often as you think. Chances are it is cracking, breaking and sagging. After all, you use it daily. If your Phoenix parking lot is showing signs of cracking, rain and continued use will only make it worse. In fact, it can even turn into a safety hazard during heavy rains and monsoon, causing slipping or tripping accidents. Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance offers Phoenix parking lot paving & maintenance services. If possible, we fix your paving by filling cracks and patching the surface. And if we can’t fix it, we will remove and replace it.

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When you are in need of Phoenix asphalt maintenance, asphalt sealing, parking lot restriping, crack filling and more, Roadrunner Paving can help. We offer affordable rates and expedient service, because we understand the inconvenience of having your parking lot under construction. Please keep us in mind for your next Phoenix residential or commercial asphalt and paving project. Our business was created out of the need to assist others who were lacking paving equipment to get the work done they needed, and we still want to help our clients today.

Commercial Services in Phoenix

When you run a Phoenix business you want your pavement to look its best. After all, the appearance is a reflection of how much you care about your business and ultimately your clients. Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance can professionally pave, restore and repair your outside areas and parking lots. Our asphalt professionals can restripe your parking lot, add bumpers and more. It is essential to perform regular maintenance services on public parking lots to keep clients happy and safe. The same holds true for church, school and hospital parking lots. Striping helps to improve orientation and safety, while crack filling assures that nobody takes a tumble. As your premier Phoenix asphalt company, we keep your lots beautiful and safe.

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Phoenix Parking Lot Paving

Keep your parking lot looking new with our paving services in Phoenix.

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Phoenix Parking Lot Striping

Our team provides a quality services for Phoenix parking lot striping.

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Phoenix Parking Lot Repair

Contact Roadrunner Paving today for all your parking lot maintenance needs.

To learn more about our Phoenix asphalt services or to schedule and appointment for a free estimate contact us today at 480-892-7101. Visit our website for more information and to view our latest paving and asphalt projects.


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