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Scottsdale is one of the most popular cities in Arizona. It has a lot of culture, fascinating history, great shopping and dining opportunities, resorts to relax after a long work week -and is simply a great place to call home. In fact, since its incorporation in 1951 the population has increased more than tenfold. And new residents continue to pour in.

Local Scottsdale Parking Lot Paving Services By Roadrunner

Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance has been providing paving and asphalt services to Scottsdale residents and businesses for over three decades. We understand that great looking pavement not only makes roads and parking lots safer, but also increases aesthetics and shows that you care about your business, city or neighborhood. Many people don’t realize that a well maintained parking lot is as important as a well-groomed garden. Our paving experts can assist you in attaining that goal.

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Expert Scottsdale Paving Contractors

How do you know that we are the professional Scottsdale paving contractor you should trust? Because we have over thirty years of experience in paving roads and parking lots and in taking care of your asphalt to ensure it looks as great as the day it as poured and just as safe. Roadrunner Paving is a second generation paving business and we gladly help you with your residential or commercial paving project. If you are looking for top quality paving and asphalt maintenance services in Scottsdale and surrounding areas, we can help. Our crew is experienced and will complete any asphalt job in a timely manner to minimize any inconvenience for you, your family or customers.

Scottsdale Parking Lot Paving Services

Maintaining a properly paved parking lot is not only a matter of aesthetics. A well-maintained parking lot, without any potholes, bumps, alligatoring or cracks is essential to have. Of course, a beat up parking lot looks ugly, but more importantly it is also a safety hazard. While we don’t have to deal with snow in these parts of Arizona, winters can be wet and rainy and having a failing parking lot can increase the risk of falls, tumbles and broken limbs. Give your Scottsdale parking lot the love it deserves. Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance can fix minor parking lot issues or remove the old asphalt and repave it to ensure it looks great and is safe for everyone.

Commercial Services in Scottsdale

Of course, we offer commercial paving and asphalt services as well. No matter if your Scottsdale parking lot needs a sealcoat or could use restriping, we can help. Restriping your parking lot is as much a matter of looks as it is of safety and convenience. It tells clients and customers where they can walk, park their car and more. To ensure that your business, school or church parking lot looks classy and professional, have our paving contractors fill cracks, add bumper blocks, gutters or repave a parking lot that is beyond repair. We are also available for paving walkways in public parks, fixing asphalt issues on public roads and streets and keeping Scottsdale’s sidewalks in great shape.

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“The team of contractors at Roadunner did a fantastic job on our church parking lot.”

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“The staff at Roadrunner Paving are very professional and their work is excellent.”

Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance 5 Star Customer Reviews Rating

If your Scottsdale parking lot has seen better days, contact the asphalt contractors at Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance. We bring decades of paving experience and top customer service to the table. We can assist you with any paving needs, you may have. No matter if you are looking to have your parking lot seal coated and striped or cracks filled and more.

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To learn more about our comprehensive paving and asphalt services contact us today to schedule a free, on-site estimate. You can reach us at at 480-892-7101 and visit us on the web at to learn more about our company and us and to view recent projects we have completed.


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