Striping Services

Striping may not seem like an important part of your paving job, but it is. Though it may seem like simply an aesthetic issue, it can actually have a big impact on the safety of your roadways or parking lots, and it can make a big impression on your clients or constituents.

“Striping” actually refers to any pavement markings to help direct the flow of traffic, including lane markers, parking space designations, shoulder borders, turn arrows, crosswalk lines, stops and more. All of these are essential markers that help people understand not only where the lanes and parking spaces are, but also how they are to behave in traffic, such as whether they are able to change lanes or where they must stop.

Parking Lot Striping Services By Roadrunner

Without these markings, drivers can easily veer into the wrong lane and have an accident. In a parking lot, cars can haphazardly take up random spaces that make it harder for other cars or pedestrians to navigate the lot.

If your pavement is missing these markings or if the paint has faded to the point where the markings are hard to see, your clients will think poorly of your professionalism. You may even become liable for any accidents on the property. A fresh and beautiful striping job adds that “wow” factor to your property that will inspire customer confidence.

Finally, striping is often required by city codes, so if you don’t have the right markings, you could face legal penalties.

Roadrunner Paving and Asphalt Maintenance can ensure that your pavement is in compliance and makes a great impression on clients by performing a beautiful striping job that includes all the necessary markings. We can put down striping on new pavement, or we can re-stripe pavement that is starting to show signs of age. We understand all the local codes regarding paving and striping, so we will ensure that you are meeting requirements. Our services include every kind of marking you might need, including stop bars, arrows, hashes, and numbering. We can also accommodate reasonable requests for custom markings.

Parking Lot Stripe Services | Roadrunner Paving & Asphalt Maintenance

Call Roadrunner Paving today learn more about our striping services or to request a free estimate for your striping job. Our experienced technicians have earned a reputation throughout Arizona for their friendly service and high quality of workmanship. See the difference that our service makes.